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Our Business Activities

1. Domestic IT software technical services in Japan
(1) Consulting IT systems solution for the business applications.
(2) Providing the technical support services for IT systems design and development.
(3) IT systems daily operation and or monitoring with their management.
(4) Producing, directing, contents designing and daily operation management of any Website related projects.
(5) Packaged software solution for the structural analysis and design for 3D arbitrary architecture.
(6) Packaged software solution for the application documents of the buildings to get the permission from the local authorities.
In addition to the packages, we develop the any required software including the additional features on the packages.
(7) Packaged solution for the road management by municipal authorities of their application and permission services.
(8) Packaged solution for the complicated documentation works required for the construction project on the public road from their business stage of the planning and designing, cost estimation, authorization, application, construction etc. to the completion of the projects.
2. International IT software technical services for;
(1) The overseas projects operating by the Japanese company.
(2) The foreign companies operating in Japan.
(3) The systems development and or the systems operation management for the Japanese company operating out of Japan, if necessary, with the resources of the potential and reliable local IT software companies.
(4) The Japanese company introducing or expanding of their offshore development.
(5) The localization and or marketing of the blue chip software products to the foreign country, or to the Japanese market vice versa.

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